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QuickBooks unable to locate pdf viewer.

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QuickBooks PDF viewer is not working, why is that...

Facing issues with your Quickbooks PDF viewer then here is the process that you would need to follow inorder to fix that up.

But before we can delve into fix your repair we should really look into why this really happens.

Reasons for your Quickbooks PDF not working

Whenever you are looking for generating QuickBooks reports and then you find that your QB PDF viewer is not working then you should look into your Acrobat reader.

The you reason you see this error is that because of your system and not because of your Quickbooks accounting program.


Solution for your error

If you are facing any issues following the steps then connect at Quickbooks Contact Number.

The best you can do to get your PDF viewer back to working is by uninstalling and then reinstalling the program.

But please make sure to back up your data in either Excel of QuickBooks. But if you are using Excel then don't forget to do fourier analysis in excel.

When you are done with it then here are the steps you would need to follow:

  1. Click on the start up menu and choose to click on the control panel tab.
  2. From the window that will now be displayed, you would need to click on the uninstall programs tab.
  3. Find the the acrobat PDF viewer that you would need to delete from your system. 
  4. You will see a pop up appearing on your screen.
  5. Run the installer and let the uninstallation process begin. 
  6. After the uninstallation process is complete, you would need to click ok to the dialogue box.

Reinstall QuickBooks:

Once you are done with the uninstallation, you would need to browse the acrobat website.

  1. Click on the download button alongside Acrobat newest version.
  2. Download the program.
  3. Once the download has been successfully done, double click on the file you just installed.
  4. Run the .exe file installer and let the installation process begin. 
  5. When the installation has been done successfully re-run your QuickBooks again. 
  6. Try generating the PDF report again and you would now be able to open the file.

Though the above given steps should work fine in getting your QuickBooks error fixed but if you are still not able to figure out your query QuickBooks is unable to locate pdf viewer within the system then you can anytime reachout to us and get your issues fixed by calling Quickbooks Canada Contact for Technical help.

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